Barrels and Branches Nursery branches out at Halloween

Pump­kin fun at Bar­rels and Branches, Encinitas

Even peo­ple who hate squash love pump­kins — or maybe it’s just the idea of pump­kins that they love. I per­son­ally don’t think of pump­kins when I think of squash — which is almost never any­way. It must be painful to be a squash farmer except at Hal­loween. But most SoCal nurs­eries have fun with pump­kins in the fall — like Bar­rels and Branches in Encini­tas (www​.bar​rel​sand​branches​.com). It’s amaz­ing how so many fall­ish plants such as mums are of a like mind, bloom­ing in oranges, reds and yel­lows, like pump­kins and gourds. Many suc­cu­lents coöper­ate also, like “Sticks on Fire” a form of the suc­cu­lent Euphor­bia Tiru­calli. Bar­rels and Branches is a full ser­vice nurs­ery with lots of great plants, pots and gift items but they get very frisky with pump­kins at Halloween!

Still life at B and B

On the web:

Pump­kin patches to enjoy:

Ven­tura County: www​.ven​tu​ra​coun​tyrealestatetalk​.com/​2007​/​10​/​03​/​v​e​n​t​u​r​a​-​c​o​u​n​t​y​-​p​u​m​p​k​i​n​-​p​a​t​c​h​e​s​-​c​o​r​n​-​m​a​z​e​s​-​a​n​d​-​h​a​y​-​r​i​des/​many loca­tions to choose from.

Los Ange­les County: http://www​.shawn​spump​kin​patch​.com /​has 2 loca­tions, in Santa Mon­ica and Cul­ver City.

Orange County: Irvine Park Rail­road /​www​.irvineparkrail​road​.com/​a really big venue with bike and boat rentals, hayrides, train rides, moon bounce and a lot more.

San Diego County: Bates Nut Farm in Val­ley Cen­ter www​.bates​nut​farm​.biz /​has hayrides, a maze, pony rides and more.

For more SoCal events: www​.paci​fi​chor​ti​cul​ture​.org/​c​a​l​e​n​d​a​r​/​s​o​C​al/

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