The photo says it all…

A trip to Detroit would not be com­plete with­out a pil­grim­age to the mecca that is known as Detroit Gar­den Works. Why are there not sim­i­lar stores to this gardener’s Dis­ney­land in other large cities? That is because Deb­o­rah Sil­ver, the tal­ented owner of DGW, lives in Pon­tiac, Michi­gan and her store would not exist with­out her vision and, more impor­tantly, enthu­si­asm. A fine artist, Deborah’s gar­den­ing voca­tion started when work­ing at a nurs­ery. Grad­u­ally she cre­ated Detroit Gar­den Works, The Branch Stu­dio, a “made in Michi­gan” arti­sanal man­u­fac­turer, and Deb­o­rah Sil­ver and Com­pany, her land­scap­ing com­pany. In her “spare” time she blogs about her work on Dirt Sim​ple​.com.

It’s hard to describe what a great gardener’s par­adise DGW is. Every­where I turn I am inspired, by the plant­i­ngs, the stat­u­ary, foun­tains, antiques! I espe­cially love the orbs and I’m going to have one in my gar­den some­day. Most every­thing is avail­able online — Deb­o­rah isn’t afraid to ship any­thing! Check it out — where else are you going to find Thome­son Cud­worth Com­pany lawn edging?

www​.detroit​gar​den​works​.com, www​.the​branch​stu​dio​.com, www​.deb​o​rah​sil​ver​.com

Dog sculp­ture from The Branch Studio

Deborah’s real dog is not for sale..

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