Here come the pumpcullents!

Laura Eubanks’ pumpcullents

These pumpkin/​succulent com­bi­na­tions were cre­ated last year by Laura Eubanks of Design for Seren­ity. I attended a work­shop Laura taught and learned how easy it is to make these beau­ti­ful arrange­ments. They can last up to 9 months because the pump­kin is not cut. To find out how to make one google “lauras pump­kins” or enter the same on the right of my web­site, where the search box is. Either way you will get the tuto­r­ial. Laura is giv­ing a work­shop on Sat­ur­day, Novem­ber 3 at Gar­dens by the Sea Nurs­ery. Go to her web­site www​.design​forseren​ity​.com to register.

2 Responses to Here come the pumpcullents!

  • I took your pump­kin class at Rogers Gar­dens and would like to share your ideas with my gar­den club in St. Marys, GA. I am try­ing to find the pic­ture of the pur­ple high­heel you filled with suc­ce­lents — would you email me the web page it is on so I can print it out.
    Thanks Lana

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