Laura’s pumpkins

The pump­kins every­one is gaga for!

These are THE pump­kins every­one is gaga for! Cre­ated by Laura Eubanks of San Diego, they are the per­fect com­bi­na­tion for a South­west­ern Thanks­giv­ing. I took Laura’s class at Green Gar­dens Nurs­ery in San Diego last Sat­ur­day, and now I’m going to share what I learned. First of all, it’s easy to get ter­rific results! Assem­ble the fol­low­ing: clear gel craft glue (Laura uses Aleene’s brand), a glue gun, spray glue, a pump­kin with a bowl shaped top, moss, small and mini suc­cu­lents, seeds, pods and dried buds (can be col­lected under trees).

Glu­ing on the moss

As you can see, the moss is ordi­nary — spray the top of the pump­kin well with the spray glue. You don’t want to glue any­thing on the sides as they won’t stick: con­fine the moss to the top. The moss should be 12 ” thick, pat­ted down.

A sam­pling of the materials

Now you are ready to start glu­ing on the larger suc­cu­lents and buds with the clear gel glue. The larger pieces should be glued first, towards the cen­ter. It’s best to have no stems or cut them very short and to have a vari­ety of col­ors if possible.

Next glue in the smaller suc­cu­lents, buds, pods, etc. with the same gel glue. Tuck lit­tle pieces in all over, mix­ing up the col­ors. You can see the first photo for guid­ance. It’s best to have a lot of stuff as that makes the pump­kins inter­est­ing. Seeds and pods around the perime­ter should be attached with a glue gun.

The pump­kin should dry for about 12 hours. Laura rec­om­mends the fol­low­ing care: keep out of direct sun­light, Mist with tap water once a week, keep indoors for up to one week at a time, best out­doors in a semi-​shady loca­tion. Laura had a pump­kin last for almost 9 months, although there are no guarantees!

Laura is sell­ing these along with Christ­mas pump­kins on her web­site, www​.design4seren​ity​.com. There is a lim­ited deliv­ery area as they are too heavy and frag­ile to ship. Laura and hus­band Greg Eubanks are both Mas­ter Gar­den­ers, and they offer “design and imple­men­ta­tion of inti­mate gar­den set­tings.” In addi­tion, Laura is a Mas­ter Com­poster (!), gar­den lec­turer, and con­ducts work­shops. Thank you, Laura, for your gen­eros­ity in shar­ing your pump­kins with my readers!

Green Gar­dens Nurs­ery is a won­der­ful neigh­bor­hood busi­ness in Pacific Beach, a sub­urb of San Diego. They are get­ting geared up for the hol­i­days with exten­sive offer­ings. Their web­site is www​.sdgreen​gar​dens​.com. They have a ter­rific suc­cu­lent col­lec­tion for sale, as well as some of Laura’s pumpkins.

On the web:

Fri­day, 114 — Sun­day 116 Green Gar­dens Nurs­ery (see above) will be hav­ing their Annual Hol­i­day Open House with refresh­ments and a 15% dis­count on gift shop items. Fri­day 47pm, Sat­ur­day and Sun­day 8am — 5pm. (858) 4837846

12 Responses to Laura’s pumpkins

  • Enjoyed meet­ing you at the class and have cre­ated many pump­kin cre­ations. Love the post and have sent it on to my garden/​crafty friends.


  • Great idea and great pho­tos! What do you do with them after the hol­i­days and/​or the pump­kin starts to break down? Do the suc­cu­lents root right through the glue and moss into the squash? If so, maybe the whole thing could go right into the garden.

  • Excel­lent ques­tion — Laura says when the pump­kin dies you could lift the whole moss and suc­cu­lent piece off the top (might need a spat­ula) and put it in the ground.

  • Hi Laura! I was so inspired by your dec­o­rated Cin­derella pump­kins that I decided to try and do one myself. I live in Sacra­mento so I am pretty far away from you. I found those large pump­kins and with cut­tings from my own gar­den and other ‘sticks and twigs’ I just com­pleted 2 of my own. I am giv­ing one to a friend in hopes that she will tell or show some­one and they will want to buy one from me. I hope that is ok with you. Since you can’t mail to this area I thought maybe I have found a lit­tle Xmas nitch to make some extra Xmas dough. My biggest prob­lem is the pump­kins. Our big Bel Air store had bunches of them but now they are gone and I think they dumped them. (can you believe that) I found a few at another store but they are all the same. How are you get­ting yours?

  • Oh hey, I have another idea! What about doing this on gourds? There is a place here that grows and sells them really cheap!

    • We did that with the small multi-​colored gourds that look like pump­kins — equally enchant­ing. Laura is doing this on white pump­kins for Christmas!

  • Hi Candy!
    I stocked up on white pump­kins before the end of the sea­son. We are now set up to ship any­where the U.S. Check the web­site after Thanks­giv­ing http://​www​.design4seren​ity​.com for details on Christ­mas themed pump­kin centerpieces.

  • I just fin­ished my own pump­kin, with the extra mate­ri­als you gave me. It was so easy, and looks great. Thanks so much for spread­ing this idea!

  • Your very wel­come, Mary Lynn! Enjoy your pump­kin and if you are in the area this week­end, come see my suc­cu­lent themed Christ­mas tree in Bal­boa Park at Decem­ber Nights!

  • Dear Laura…Many thanks for the beau­ti­ful idea for dec­o­rat­ing pump­kins with succulents/​seeds. It is so gra­cious of you to share your direc­tions. I have a fall har­vest party every Novem­ber com­plete with crafts and a chili cook-​off. Your pump­kin cre­ations will be the fea­tured craft this year! Thanks for shar­ing your joy and creativity!

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    it I am sure.

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