More fun than a barrel of pumpkins!

And fewer calo­ries! Who would have thought that suc­cu­lents and pump­kins could mix! Mas­ter gar­dener Laura Eubanks did. She will be giv­ing a sem­i­nar at Green Gar­dens Nurs­ery in Pacific Beach on Sat­ur­day Octo­ber 22 at 2 pm on the cre­ation of these beau­ties. Laura was kind enough to give the fol­low­ing infor­ma­tion for those of us who can­not attend: “We won’t have need to cut into the pump­kins as all of the suc­cu­lents are glued to a thin layer of sphag­num moss which, in turn is glued to the top of the gourd! With a lit­tle TLC, the suc­cu­lents will root right through the glue and into the moss. I have suc­cu­lent topped pump­kins from last year!” Inge­nious! Green Gar­dens will also be sell­ing some of the suc­cu­lent pump­kin cen­ter­pieces at the nurs­ery. (www​.sdgreen​gar​dens​.com) If you are not famil­iar with Green Gar­dens, take a trip to check it out! It’s a gem of a nurs­ery that offers espe­cially cre­ative shop­ping dur­ing the holidays.

HOLD THE PRESSES: 10/​16/​2011 — I will be able to attend the pumpkin/​succulent class on Sat­ur­day. I’ll take pho­tos and sup­ply instruc­tions so you can make these at home!

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