Readers have questions.…

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And I’m hop­ing you have the answers:

  • From Paul: Where can I find the best selec­tion of fuch­sias in the L.A. area?

From Susan: I called the South Coast Fuch­sia Soci­ety and found out the best time to buy fuch­sias is in the Spring. They rec­om­mend Arm­strong Gar­den Cen­ters , a chain of nurs­eries in South­ern Cal­i­for­nia, for fuch­sias (www​.arm​strong​gar​den​.com).

  • From Mario (This is an inter­est­ing one): I have a 47 ft sin­gle out­rig­ger sail­ing canoe which I am refur­bish­ing. I am look­ing for black bam­boo in the 68 inch diam­e­ter size for use as mast and booms. Any leads for such resource in the San Diego county area? Thanks.

From Susan: my first call would be to Ralph Evans of Botan­i­cal Partners/​Bamboo Head­quar­ters under San Diego Nurs­eries on my website.

  • From Dana: does any­body know who sells Cal­i­for­nia native and herbal plants? I am a stu­dent of the plan­e­tary her­bol­ogy and would like to find those plants and basi­cally plant them in my garden.

From Susan: You can try Theodore Payne Native Plants /​Sun Val­ley under Los Ange­les Nurs­eries on my website.

  • From Patrick: I like to buy some dragon plant at a nurs­ery near San Diego — I am will­ing to drive. Thank you.

Any answers would be so appre­ci­ated — just go to com­ments at the bot­tom of this page, type your answers, and I will trans­fer them to this page!



8 Responses to Readers have questions.…

  • I live in Orange County and i saw the­ses R. Spin­osis­sima Dou­ble White.… at my wifes work. i would like to know where i can pur­chase them as a reg­u­lar customer…

  • Gar­den soil has more nutri­ents and more com­post to feed the plants. Top soil is to keep the gar­den soil there and not blow away.

  • Hi Please could some­body let me know where I can get curry leaf trees from…would really like to grow my own one..many thanks Jenni Potter

  • I just came into par­tial pos­ses­sion of 20 acres of euca­lyp­tus, Olive and Pep­per trees,

    I would like to fine great homes for them; there are saplings to 100 year old trees.

    the land unfor­tu­nately recently came under scrutiny when the owner passed away and the city decided to reclaim it for com­mer­cial build­ing pur­poses. I being the respon­si­ble one have taken on the task of either sell­ing as many as pos­si­ble or give them away as a “you dig-​you keep” kind of event.

    Any sug­ges­tions on who would want some­thing like what I’m try­ing to accomplish?

  • I’m look­ing for foun­tain grass that does not get ‘stalky’. What would be the best type to buy, and where would the best selec­tion be in south­ern Ca.?
    thank you

  • Thank you so much for list­ing rec­om­mended south­ern Cal­i­for­nia nurs­eries. You’ve com­pletely made it eas­ier to find plants that are adapted to south­ern California’s arid weather. What’s fas­ci­nat­ing is that I see you enjoy mix­ing drought tol­er­ant plants with suc­cu­lent plants. It’s a win, win for both plant and gardener.

    I enjoy your web­site and I’ve been most grate­ful for your rec­om­mended nurs­eries. I’m going to visit the Ven­tura Botan­i­cal Gar­den in May. Thanks for the help­ful hints. I’m most appre­cia­tive and glad that I found your site. Cheers ~Emma

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  • please some one help me where i can get tulasi plant in irvine /​tustin

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