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  • Dear Sirs,
    Begin­ning of Sep­tem­ber we have a wed­ding in Pio­neer­town. After the wed­ding we would like to spend one day vis­it­ing tree and conifer-​container nurs­eries.
    Could you send me Some adresses from nurs­eries between­Palm Springs and River­side, which we can visit between­Palm sep­tem­ber 6and september8, please.

    Here is my profiel:
    Name: Jo Alke­made, arbori­cul­ture adviser to the min­is­terie of agri­cul­ture in The Nether­lands, many years until 1998. I vis­ited the US sev­eral times (Ore­gan, New Yersy) to give advises to big nurs­eries. I am retired now.
    I hope you can answer me before mid August, so we can make arrange­ments for our visit.

    Thanks in advance

    Jo Alke­made
    Th Netherlands

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