San Diego County Nurseries

Rancho Soledad Nursery, San Diego Count Nursery

Ran­cho Soledad Nurs­ery, San Diego County

Anderson’s La Costa Nursery/​www​.ander​son​sla​costa​nurs​ery​.com

Andersons’s La Costa Nurs­ery is located in Encini­tas. This 50 year old nurs­ery has it all: annu­als and peren­ni­als, fruits and veg­eta­bles, trees, shrubs, suc­cu­lents, house and water plants. They spe­cial­ize in drought tol­er­ant plants and orchids. Large selec­tion of gar­den sup­plies. Gar­den design ser­vices are offered.

400 La Costa Ave, Encini­tas Ca 92029
Tele­phone: 760 7534336 /​Hours: 8-​5pm
Cards Accepted: Mas­ter­card, Visa
Paid Delivery

Bar­rels and Branches /​www​.bar​rel​sand​branches​.com

Bar­rels and Branches is sit­u­ated on an acre of land in Encini­tas as a botan­i­cal gar­den. They spe­cial­ize in unusual plants, organ­ics, pot­tery, gift items and design and maintenance.

1425 Santa Fe Drive, Encini­tas, CA 92088
Tele­phone: (760) 7532852 /​7 days a week, 8am — 5pm/​Summer until 6pm
Cards Accepted: Mas­ter­card, Visa
Spe­cial Orders, Paid Delivery

Botan­i­cal Part­ners home of Bam­boo Head­quar­ters /​www​.Botan​i​cal​part​ners​.com

Bam­boo Head­quar­ters car­ries much more than bam­boo. That being said, this is the place to look at and buy over 270 vari­eties of bam­boo. They also carry palms, suc­cu­lents and cac­tus, Aus­tralian and drought tol­er­ant plants and other unusual vari­eties. What­ever you buy, they want the cus­tomer to be suc­cess­ful and will work with you on the require­ments of your choices to achieve that result.

2498 Majella Road, Vista, CA 92084
Tele­phone: (760) 7586181 /​9am — 3 pm, Mon­day — Sat­ur­day, call­ing ahead is rec­om­mended
Cards Accepted: Mas­ter­card, Visa, Dis­cover, Amer­i­can Express
Spe­cial Orders, Paid Delivery

Buena Creek Gar­dens /​www​.bue​nacreek​gar​dens​.com

The own­ers of this expan­sive 4 acre his­toric prop­erty pro­pogate and grow most of the plants that they sell. Offer­ings include peren­ni­als, shrubs, daylilies and vines. Demon­stra­tion gar­dens offer views of bird and but­ter­fly, mediter­ranean, red­woods, drought-​tolerant, shade, sun peren­nial and palm canyon vistas.

418 Buena Creek Road, San Mar­cos, Ca. 92069
Tele­phone: (760) 7442810 /​Fall/​Winter: 94PM Weds — Sun­day Mon-​Tues by appt
Cards Accepted: Mas­ter­card, Visa, Dis­cover, Amer­i­can Express
Spe­cial Orders, Paid Delivery

Cedros Gar­dens /​www​.cedros​gar​dens​.com

Cedros Gar­dens is a 17 year old nurs­ery occu­py­ing a 1.3 acre site near the ocean and empha­siz­ing organic gar­den­ing. The staff is knowl­edge­able about water con­ser­va­tion tech­niques as well. They offer a nice ser­vice — for 10.00 to 12.00 they will sharpen an clean your clip­pers while you shop!

330 S. Cedros Avenue, Solana Beach, CA 92075
Tele­phone: (858) 7928640 /​Mon — Sat 9am — 5pm/​Sunday 10am — 5pm
Cards Accepted: Mas­ter­card, Visa, Dis­cover, Amer­i­can Express
Spe­cial Orders, Paid Delivery

City Farm­ers Nurs­ery /​www​.city​farm​er​snurs​ery​.com

This fam­ily owned nurs­ery was founded in 1972. They invite you to wan­der among an organic acre of plants, ponds, flow­ers and farm ani­mals. This ram­bling prop­erty houses organic fruit trees, veg­eta­bles, top soil and insect repel­lents. Free classes are offered on Saturdays.

4832 Home Ave. (at Euclid), San Diego, CA 92105
Tele­phone: 6192846358 /​Mon — Sat 9 am – 5 pm, Sun 9 am — 3 pm
Cards Accepted: Mas­ter­card, Visa
Spe­cial Orders, Paid Delivery

Ellis Farms /​www​.ell​is​farms​.com

Ellis Farms is a 35 year old palm nurs­ery, offer­ing a hand selected palette of low water use, cold hardy and native palms.They carry any­thing from 24″ boxed spec­i­mens to 25 foot field grown spec­i­mens.
Cash or check only!

call for info — by appt. only, Bor­rego Springs, CA 92004
Tele­phone: (760) 7675234 /​by appoint­ment
Cards Accepted:
Spe­cial Orders, Paid Delivery

Ever­green Nurs­ery /​www​.ever​green​nurs​ery​.com

These three huge nurs­eries fol­low what they call the “ever­green sys­tem.” 1. Drive thru and load plants directly into your car (they give you a map). 2. Ask ques­tions. 3. Pay at the check­out booth. Prices are color-​coded. They have a very large selec­tion of every­thing com­monly used. Web­site lists plant types and sizes available.

13650 Carmel Val­ley Rd., San Diego, CA 93130
Tele­phone: 8584816622

3231 Ocean­side Blvd., Ocean­side, CA 92056
Tele­phone: 7607540340

12460 High­land Val­ley Rd., Escon­dido, CA 92025
Tele­phone: 8584857867

Hours: Mon — Thur 7:30 am – 5 pm, Fri — Sat 7:30 am — 6 pm, Sun 9 am — 5 pm. Shorter hours in Win­ter
Cards Accepted: Mas­ter­card, Visa, Dis­cover
Paid Delivery

Glo­ri­ous Gar­dens Land­scape /​www​.aglo​ri​ous​gar​den​.com

Glo­ri­ous Gar­dens Land­scape, sounded in 2004 by Emma Almen­darez and Linda Fox, is a retail nurs­ery and design cen­ter spe­cial­iz­ing in low water use plants. They have what is prob­a­bly the largest selec­tion of suc­cu­lents, cacti and tilland­sia in San Diego County.

495 Leu­ca­dia Blvd., Encini­tas, CA 92024
Tele­phone: 8884-​xeriscape (8884937472 /​Weds-​Saturday 10:305:30, Sun­day 10:304:30
Cards Accepted: Mas­ter­card, Visa, Dis­cover, Amer­i­can Express
Spe­cial Orders, Paid Delivery

Green Gar­dens Nurs­ery /​www​.sdgreen​gar​dens​.com

Green gar­dens is a small, charm­ing, urban nurs­ery in a Pacific Beach neigh­bor­hood which has been owned and oper­ated by the Backus fam­ily for 35 years. They spe­cial­ize in vignettes show­ing trends for the up-​coming sea­son. Their foun­tains and stat­u­ary are charm­ing; they have a fun boutique!

4910 Cass St., San Diego, CA 92109
Tele­phone: 8584837846 /​Mon — Sat 8 am – 5 pm, Sun 9 am — 4 pm
Cards Accepted: Mas­ter­card, Visa, Dis­cover, Amer­i­can Express
Spe­cial Orders, Free Deliv­ery (with pur­chase over $100), Paid Delivery

Jun­gle Music /​www​.jun​gle​mu​sic​.net

This mecca for palm lovers is as much a call­ing as a busi­ness. Started in 1977 by Phil Bergman, they carry over 1000 species of palms and cycads, includ­ing among the rarest in the world. Not only for col­lec­tors, they offer lots of help for begin­ners. Their web­site has lots of help­ful palm and cycad info. You can email them pho­tos of where you need a palm or cycad and they will email sug­ges­tions to you. They ship any­where in the US.

450 Ocean­view Ave., Encen­i­tas, CA 92024
Tele­phone: 6192914605 /​Mon — Sat 10 am – 3 pm (call 1st!). Closed Sun.
Cards Accepted: Mas­ter­card, Visa, Amer­i­can Express
Paid Delivery

Las Pil­i­tas Nurs­ery /​www​.laspili​tas​.com

This “native plant only” nurs­ery ships as well as being open to the pub­lic. They have intro­duced sev­eral pop­u­lar, native hybrids and cul­ti­vars, includ­ing types of pes­ta­mon, sage, salvia and cean­othus. Their web­site shows pic­tures of plants avail­able, as well as hav­ing tons of info. They have demon­stra­tion gar­dens at the nursery.

8331 Nel­son Way, Escon­dido, CA 92026
Tele­phone: 7607495930 /​Tue — Sat 9 am – 4 pm
Cards Accepted: Mas­ter­card, Visa, Amer­i­can Express
No Spe­cial Orders

Mis­sion Hills Nurs­ery /​www​.mis​sion​hill​snurs​ery​.com

This 100 year old nurs­ery is located in a lovely neigh­bor­hood of bou­tiques, restau­rants and Cal­i­for­nia bun­ga­lows. They carry unusual, hard-​to-​find spec­i­mens, as well as a selec­tion of annu­als and peren­ni­als. They also carry a beau­ti­ful selec­tion of pots and fountains.

1525 Fort Stock­ton Ave., San Diego, CA 92103
Tele­phone: 6192952808 /​8 am – 6 pm daily. They close ear­lier in Win­ter.
Cards Accepted: Mas­ter­card, Visa, Dis­cover
Spe­cial Orders, Paid Delivery

Oasis Water Effi­cient Plants /​www​.oasis​-plants​.com

This nurs­ery spe­cial­izes in cac­tus, suc­cu­lents and other drought tol­er­ant peren­ni­als for land­scap­ing, flo­ral cre­ations and spe­cial projects. They are in the process of adding demon­stra­tion gardens.

10816 Reidy Canyon Trail, Escondido/​CA/​92026
Tele­phone: 7607448191 Ext 3550 /​Wed-​Sat 8:am — 4:00pm
Cards Accepted: Mas­ter­card, Visa
Spe­cial Orders,free deliv­ery with minimum.

Pearson’s Gar­dens and Herb Farm

Pearson’s Garden’s and Herb Farm grows an amaz­ing vari­ety of herbs and edi­bles, avail­able online or at their farm. Every­thing is organic, pes­ti­cide free and fully accli­mated. They also carry scented gera­nium plants, tomato plants, and heir­loom seeds.

1150 Bev­erly Drive, Vista, CA 92084
Tele­phone: (760) 7260717 /​Monday-​Saturday 9am — 4pm
Cards Accepted: Mas­ter­card, Visa, Dis­cover
Spe­cial Orders, Paid Deliv­ery
San Diego County

Ran­cho Soledad Nurs­ery /​www​.ran​chosoledad​.com

This large and wel­com­ing nurs­ery is tucked away among the ver­dant val­leys of Ran­cho Santa Fe. Just get­ting there is a treat as you drive past the beau­ti­ful prop­er­ties. Open since 1954, they spe­cial­ize in rare and unusual palms, cycads, inte­rior foliage, and xero­phytic plants (suc­cu­lents, cacti and other drought-​tolerant plants.)

18539 Aliso Canyon Rd. (off El Camino de Norte), Ran­cho Santa Fe, CA 92067
Tele­phone: 8587563717 /​Call for hours.
Cards Accepted: Cash or checks only
Paid Delivery

Simpson’s Gar­den Town Nurs­ery /​www​.simp​son​snurs​ery​.com

Wear your roller skates to visit this large, 25 acre prop­erty. Founded in 1928 in Pasadena, they moved to Jamul in 1968. There are many rea­sons to visit here: they sell a large vari­ety of plants, gifts & acces­sories, and they have many clas­sic and vin­tage cars on dis­play. Admis­sion is free.

13925 High­way 94, Jamul, CA 91935
Tele­phone: 6196691977 /​Daily 8:30 am – 4:30. Closed Tue.
Cards Accepted: Mas­ter­card, Visa
No Spe­cial Orders

Solana Suc­cu­lents /​www​.solana​suc​cu​lents​.com

This highly per­son­al­ized nurs­ery car­ries rare, col­lec­table and unusual suc­cu­lents, con­tainer gar­dens, pot­tery and bon­sai suc­cu­lents. The owner is known for cre­at­ing prize win­ning dis­plays (see at San Diego Botan­i­cal Gar­den and the LA Arbore­tum — they are really spe­cial!) of suc­cu­lents that look like they are underwater!

355 N. High­way 101, Solano Beach
Tele­phone: (858) 2594568 /​weds — sat 10am — 5pm (close @ 4 in win­ter) Sun 124pm –call to be safe, esp. if you are dri­ving from a dis­tance
Cards Accepted: Mas­ter­card, Visa
Spe­cial Orders, Paid Delivery

Terra Bella Nurs­ery /​www​.terra​bel​la​nurs​ery​.com

This 1½ acre nurs­ery is stocked by mul­ti­ple grow­ing ground sites. Chances are, if you don’t see it, they can get it for you, and in quan­tity also. They carry a wide vari­ety and the staff are effi­cient and help­ful. Their web­site includes tools for cal­cu­lat­ing plant, soil and sod amounts.

302 Hol­lis­ter St., San Diego, CA 92154
Tele­phone: 6195851118 /​Mon — Sat 7 am – 4:30 pm, Sun 9 am - 3:30 pm
Cards Accepted: Mas­ter­card, Visa, Dis­cover, Amer­i­can Express
Spe­cial Orders, Free Deliv­ery (for order over $1000), Paid Delivery

Vil­lage Nurs­eries — Del Mar /​www​.vil​la​genurs​eries​.com

This is a large and extremely well stocked nurs­ery. They carry a lot of every­thing includ­ing a full line of palms, flats of color and a huge selec­tion of cit­rus. They have a large prop­erty and allow you to drive your car around and load your plants before check­ing out.

4343 Carmel Val­ley Rd. (get direc­tions – tricky to find), San Diego, CA 93130
Tele­phone: 8585811140 /​Mon– Sat 7 am – 4:30, Sun 7 am — 4 pm
Cards Accepted: Mas­ter­card, Visa, Dis­cover, Amer­i­can Express
Spe­cial Orders, Paid Deliv­ery

Wal­ter Ander­sen Nurs­ery /​http://​www​.wal​teran​der​sen​.com

Wal­ter Ander­sen Sr., started his nurs­ery busi­ness in 1928 and it is still owned by the Ander­sen fam­ily. In addi­tion to the beau­ti­fully dis­played bed­ding plants, a large herb and veg­etable sec­tion, annu­als and peren­ni­als, they are famous for collector’s plants. There is a list of these plants on the web­site along with a plant list includ­ing roses and fruit trees. The Poway store has a “gar­den rail­road.” Both stores have gar­den­ing classes.

3642 Enter­prise St., San Diego, CA 92110
Tele­phone: 6192248271

12755 Daniel­son Ct., Poway, CA 92064
Tele­phone: 8535134900

Hours: 9 am – 5 pm 7 days a week
Cards Accepted: Mas­ter­card, Visa, Dis­cover, Amer­i­can Express
Spe­cial Orders, Free Deliv­ery (with min­i­mum pur­chase), Paid Delivery

Water­wise Botan­i­cals /​www​.water​wise​b​otan​i​cals​.com

Located on top of a hill in North­ern San Diego County, this 21 acre nurs­ery invites you to pack a lunch and bring your fam­ily when you come to visit! Their large plant palette includes roses year round, a wide vari­ety of cacti and suc­cu­lents, and a hand picked selec­tion of orna­men­tal grasses. The online mag­a­zine on their web­site is very well done.

32183 Old High­way 395, Escon­dido, CA 92026
Tele­phone: (760) 7282641 /​85/​Mon — Sat
Cards Accepted: Mas­ter­card, Visa
Spe­cial Orders, Paid Delivery

Wei­d­ners Gar­dens /​www​.wei​d​ners​.com

Eve­lyn Wei­d­ner opened her nurs­ery 40 years ago in this con­ve­nient loca­tion just off the 405 free­way. Spe­cial­iz­ing in hang­ing bas­kets, bego­nias and fuch­sias, they also carry lots of flow­ers and bed­ding plants. They have a large inven­tory of bare­root fruit trees includ­ing blue­berry bushes, start­ing in Feb­ru­ary. They have a lovely meet­ing room for gar­den clubs, photo groups and art classes. Web­site includes lot of grow­ing infor­ma­tion on spe­cific plants.

695 Nor­mandy, Encini­tas, CA 92024
Tele­phone: 7604362194 /​Jan-​Feb Fri Sat Sun 9 am – 4:30 pm, Mar-​Dec Daily 9 am — 4:30 pm, closed Tues
Cards Accepted: Mas­ter­card, Visa
Spe­cial Orders, Paid Delivery

Yasuda Land­scape

This tree nurs­ery, tucked away in a res­i­den­tial neigh­bor­hood, is the place to go for spec­i­men trees. They start at 5 gal and go up to 90 inch boxes.

2419 Erie St., San Diego, CA 92110
Tele­phone: 6192765280 /​Mon — Fri 7 am – 5
Cards Accepted: No CC, casdh or check only
Paid Deliv­ery

23 Responses to San Diego County Nurseries

  • Marcia Stults says:

    Weidner’s Gar­dens is just off the 5 free­way. I live nearby and the 405 is a long way away.

  • Gerardo Herrero says:

    I am a Costar­ri­can Grower, We do palms, cycas, encephalar­tus and aloes. I am inter­ested in Aloe Exelsa seeds. We will be in Cal­i­for­nia late Sep­tem­ber vis­it­ing Nurs­eries and we will apre­ci­ate if you would give us any Help.

    • susan says:

      Dear Ger­ardo–
      I would look at some of the cac­tus and suc­cu­lent nurs­eries on my list, espe­cially in San Diego County.

    • susan says:

      If it’s not too late I would have you con­tact “Jun­gle Music”, on my web­site under San Diego Nurseries.

  • Hello i am search­ing for nurs­eries to buy , plants for resale.
    and also cut flow­ers, for resale.
    I am just start­ing out and plan to have three loca­tions in the local farm­ers markets.

    Also i have a half acre, i would like to plant that would bring me a source of income,
    I have read about gar­lic and other herbs , but have no idea where to start this endeavor ,
    or where to buy seeds or seedlings.
    I hope you can help me, and do you have a place where i may come and look over your items and prices ?
    And if you do not sell these items , do you have some­one you can recommend.

    Or if it is bet­ter for both of us can you email me pic­tures and information.

    Thank you Mrs. Vir­ginia Buda

    • susan says:

      Dear Vir­ginia,
      I do not sell any­thing, I have a web­site that lists retail nurs­eries. I think you need whole­sale nurs­eries!
      good luck,

  • Hello, I’m a mar­ket­ing coör­di­na­tor here at Mira­mar Whole­sale Nurs­eries. We’d love to be placed in your San Diego nurs­ery data­base. We’re a big oper­a­tion, work­ing on 200 acres. Please let me know what infor­ma­tion is required to become a par­tic­i­pant on your web­site. Thanks, we look for­ward to hear­ing back from you.
    Leonard Hut­ton 619 921 4684. Thanks and have a great day!

    • susan says:

      Dear Leonard,
      I’m sorry but I only have retail nurs­eries on my web­site. If you sell to the pub­lic I can put you in the data base at no cost to you. Do you have a web­site?

  • Catherine says:

    I was informed that after many, many years, actu­ally decades — Simpson’s in Jamul has closed it’s doors! Is this true?? I noticed you have them listed. A record­ing says the phone num­ber listed is no longer in ser­vice. What a shame! Thanks.

  • Linda Lou says:

    Hi I am a local flo­ral designer spe­cial­iz­ing in wed­dings and we are look­ing for ken­tia palms around 7ft+ for a wed­ding aisle we are look­ing to pur­chase them not rent them.
    Thanks so much for your help!

  • Mario Borja says:

    Hi. I have a 47 ft sin­gle out­rig­ger sail­ing canoe which I am refur­bish­ing. I am look­ing for black bam­boo in the 68 inch diam­e­ter size for use as mast and booms. Any leads for such resource in the san diego county area? Thanks.

  • Dee Kitchen says:

    Hi, there! I man­age a small retail nurs­ery in North Park, San Diego. We would love to be listed as we con­tinue to grow!

    North Park Nurs­ery
    3302 32nd St
    San Diego, CA 92104

    We have edi­bles, orna­men­tals, water wise, natives, indoor, trop­i­cals, soil and gar­den sup­plies! Thanks!

  • Suzanne Wunsch says:

    Hi There,
    I am a com­mer­cial real estate agent and have a client who is inter­ested in leas­ing a por­tion of a work­ing nurs­ery or herb farm to hold spe­cial events. Can you please post and see if any­one out there has any inter­est.

  • danny says:

    M& J Nurs­ery is loca­tion in fall­brook CA. we are fam­ily own and oper­ated since 1999. we grow dif­fer­ent kinds or suc­cu­lents and cac­tus. we have every­thing to know about suc­cu­lents.
    cur­rent hours: monday-​friday 7am-​5pm sat­ur­day 7am-​1pm
    247 east clem­mens ln fall book Ca 92028
    own cell(760)5058221 co-​own cell (760)5058031
    we are a whole­seller nurs­ery and with the best prices out there and yes we are open to the public

  • Terri Liebers says:

    I live in El Cajon, where can I find water hyacinth? I can go to San Diego also
    Thank you

  • We drove out to Simpson’s yes­ter­day and it was closed! We could not believe it! They made it all those years when no one lived close by, yet now that they have built houses there, it is closed. So sad.

  • Barbara says:

    Sad to say, Simpson’s has closed its doors (or gates).

  • Arlene says:

    Susan, I hope you might help us as we look for a rea­son­ably priced designer for a front yard ren­o­va­tion we are doing in Poway. We had grass, and want a water wise suc­cu­lent
    install. Thanks.


  • Sev MacPete says:

    On the board of the Altadena Neigh­bor­hood Asso­ci­a­tion of North Park, San DIego. We are look­ing for 2 Phoenx Canarien­sis (canary island palm) or Phoenix Rupi­cola (date palm) for a median in our neigh­bor­hood. We are going to cel­e­brate our 100th anniver­sary Sep­tem­ber 20 and a lot of press and politi­cians will be in atten­dance. The City requires that they have 12 feet from ground to low­est frond. Any advice on where we can get the best deal?

    Thanks, 6192806664

  • Terry Scortt says:

    When we visit Hawaii we always like how they incor­po­rate the Musk Fern into all of the land­scap­ing. Is there any­where in San Diego or sur­round­ing coun­ties that sell the Musk Fern or phy­matosorus grossus or Laua’s fern? Thanks for the help

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