Rancho Soledad Nursery, San Diego Count Nursery

Ran­cho Soledad Nurs­ery, San Diego County

Anderson’s La Costa Nursery/​www​.ander​son​sla​costa​nurs​ery​.com

Andersons’s La Costa Nurs­ery is located in Encini­tas. This 50 year old nurs­ery has it all: annu­als and peren­ni­als, fruits and veg­eta­bles, trees, shrubs, suc­cu­lents, house and water plants. They spe­cial­ize in drought tol­er­ant plants and orchids. Large selec­tion of gar­den sup­plies. Gar­den design ser­vices are offered.

400 La Costa Ave, Encini­tas Ca 92029
Tele­phone: 760 7534336 /​Hours: 8-​5pm
Cards Accepted: Mas­ter­card, Visa
Paid Delivery

Bar­rels and Branches /​www​.bar​rel​sand​branches​.com

Bar­rels and Branches is sit­u­ated on an acre of land in Encini­tas as a botan­i­cal gar­den. They spe­cial­ize in unusual plants, organ­ics, pot­tery, gift items and design and maintenance.

1425 Santa Fe Drive, Encini­tas, CA 92088
Tele­phone: (760) 7532852 /​7 days a week, 8am — 5pm/​Summer until 6pm
Cards Accepted: Mas­ter­card, Visa
Spe­cial Orders, Paid Delivery

Botan­i­cal Part­ners home of Bam­boo Head­quar­ters /​www​.Botan​i​cal​part​ners​.com

Bam­boo Head­quar­ters car­ries much more than bam­boo. That being said, this is the place to look at and buy over 270 vari­eties of bam­boo. They also carry palms, suc­cu­lents and cac­tus, Aus­tralian and drought tol­er­ant plants and other unusual vari­eties. What­ever you buy, they want the cus­tomer to be suc­cess­ful and will work with you on the require­ments of your choices to achieve that result.

2498 Majella Road, Vista, CA 92084
Tele­phone: (760) 7586181 /​9am — 3 pm, Mon­day — Sat­ur­day, call­ing ahead is rec­om­mended
Cards Accepted: Mas­ter­card, Visa, Dis­cover, Amer­i­can Express
Spe­cial Orders, Paid Delivery

Buena Creek Gar­dens /​www​.bue​nacreek​gar​dens​.com

The own­ers of this expan­sive 4 acre his­toric prop­erty pro­pogate and grow most of the plants that they sell. Offer­ings include peren­ni­als, shrubs, daylilies and vines. Demon­stra­tion gar­dens offer views of bird and but­ter­fly, mediter­ranean, red­woods, drought-​tolerant, shade, sun peren­nial and palm canyon vistas.

418 Buena Creek Road, San Mar­cos, Ca. 92069
Tele­phone: (760) 7442810 /​Fall/​Winter: 94PM Weds — Sun­day Mon-​Tues by appt
Cards Accepted: Mas­ter­card, Visa, Dis­cover, Amer­i­can Express
Spe­cial Orders, Paid Delivery

Cedros Gar­dens /​www​.cedros​gar​dens​.com

Cedros Gar­dens is a 17 year old nurs­ery occu­py­ing a 1.3 acre site near the ocean and empha­siz­ing organic gar­den­ing. The staff is knowl­edge­able about water con­ser­va­tion tech­niques as well. They offer a nice ser­vice — for 10.00 to 12.00 they will sharpen an clean your clip­pers while you shop!

330 S. Cedros Avenue, Solana Beach, CA 92075
Tele­phone: (858) 7928640 /​Mon — Sat 9am — 5pm/​Sunday 10am — 5pm
Cards Accepted: Mas­ter­card, Visa, Dis­cover, Amer­i­can Express
Spe­cial Orders, Paid Delivery

City Farm­ers Nurs­ery /​www​.city​farm​er​snurs​ery​.com

This fam­ily owned nurs­ery was founded in 1972. They invite you to wan­der among an organic acre of plants, ponds, flow­ers and farm ani­mals. This ram­bling prop­erty houses organic fruit trees, veg­eta­bles, top soil and insect repel­lents. Free classes are offered on Saturdays.

4832 Home Ave. (at Euclid), San Diego, CA 92105
Tele­phone: 6192846358 /​Mon — Sat 9 am – 5 pm, Sun 9 am — 3 pm
Cards Accepted: Mas­ter­card, Visa
Spe­cial Orders, Paid Delivery

Ellis Farms /​www​.ell​is​farms​.com

Ellis Farms is a 35 year old palm nurs­ery, offer­ing a hand selected palette of low water use, cold hardy and native palms.They carry any­thing from 24″ boxed spec­i­mens to 25 foot field grown spec­i­mens.
Cash or check only!

call for info — by appt. only, Bor­rego Springs, CA 92004
Tele­phone: (760) 7675234 /​by appoint­ment
Cards Accepted:
Spe­cial Orders, Paid Delivery

Ever­green Nurs­ery /​www​.ever​green​nurs​ery​.com

These three huge nurs­eries fol­low what they call the “ever­green sys­tem.” 1. Drive thru and load plants directly into your car (they give you a map). 2. Ask ques­tions. 3. Pay at the check­out booth. Prices are color-​coded. They have a very large selec­tion of every­thing com­monly used. Web­site lists plant types and sizes available.

13650 Carmel Val­ley Rd., San Diego, CA 93130
Tele­phone: 8584816622

3231 Ocean­side Blvd., Ocean­side, CA 92056
Tele­phone: 7607540340

12460 High­land Val­ley Rd., Escon­dido, CA 92025
Tele­phone: 8584857867

Hours: Mon — Thur 7:30 am – 5 pm, Fri — Sat 7:30 am — 6 pm, Sun 9 am — 5 pm. Shorter hours in Win­ter
Cards Accepted: Mas­ter­card, Visa, Dis­cover
Paid Delivery

Glo­ri­ous Gar­dens Land­scape /​www​.aglo​ri​ous​gar​den​.com

Glo­ri­ous Gar­dens Land­scape, sounded in 2004 by Emma Almen­darez and Linda Fox, is a retail nurs­ery and design cen­ter spe­cial­iz­ing in low water use plants. They have what is prob­a­bly the largest selec­tion of suc­cu­lents, cacti and tilland­sia in San Diego County.

495 Leu­ca­dia Blvd., Encini­tas, CA 92024
Tele­phone: 8884-​xeriscape (8884937472 /​Weds-​Saturday 10:305:30, Sun­day 10:304:30
Cards Accepted: Mas­ter­card, Visa, Dis­cover, Amer­i­can Express
Spe­cial Orders, Paid Delivery

Green Gar­dens Nurs­ery /​www​.sdgreen​gar​dens​.com

Green gar­dens is a small, charm­ing, urban nurs­ery in a Pacific Beach neigh­bor­hood which has been owned and oper­ated by the Backus fam­ily for 35 years. They spe­cial­ize in vignettes show­ing trends for the up-​coming sea­son. Their foun­tains and stat­u­ary are charm­ing; they have a fun boutique!

4910 Cass St., San Diego, CA 92109
Tele­phone: 8584837846 /​Mon — Sat 8 am – 5 pm, Sun 9 am — 4 pm
Cards Accepted: Mas­ter­card, Visa, Dis­cover, Amer­i­can Express
Spe­cial Orders, Free Deliv­ery (with pur­chase over $100), Paid Delivery

Jun­gle Music /​www​.jun​gle​mu​sic​.net

This mecca for palm lovers is as much a call­ing as a busi­ness. Started in 1977 by Phil Bergman, they carry over 1000 species of palms and cycads, includ­ing among the rarest in the world. Not only for col­lec­tors, they offer lots of help for begin­ners. Their web­site has lots of help­ful palm and cycad info. You can email them pho­tos of where you need a palm or cycad and they will email sug­ges­tions to you. They ship any­where in the US.

450 Ocean­view Ave., Encen­i­tas, CA 92024
Tele­phone: 6192914605 /​Mon — Sat 10 am – 3 pm (call 1st!). Closed Sun.
Cards Accepted: Mas­ter­card, Visa, Amer­i­can Express
Paid Delivery

Las Pil­i­tas Nurs­ery /​www​.laspili​tas​.com

This “native plant only” nurs­ery ships as well as being open to the pub­lic. They have intro­duced sev­eral pop­u­lar, native hybrids and cul­ti­vars, includ­ing types of pes­ta­mon, sage, salvia and cean­othus. Their web­site shows pic­tures of plants avail­able, as well as hav­ing tons of info. They have demon­stra­tion gar­dens at the nursery.

8331 Nel­son Way, Escon­dido, CA 92026
Tele­phone: 7607495930 /​Tue — Sat 9 am – 4 pm
Cards Accepted: Mas­ter­card, Visa, Amer­i­can Express
No Spe­cial Orders

Mis­sion Hills Nurs­ery /​www​.mis​sion​hill​snurs​ery​.com

This 100 year old nurs­ery is located in a lovely neigh­bor­hood of bou­tiques, restau­rants and Cal­i­for­nia bun­ga­lows. They carry unusual, hard-​to-​find spec­i­mens, as well as a selec­tion of annu­als and peren­ni­als. They also carry a beau­ti­ful selec­tion of pots and fountains.

1525 Fort Stock­ton Ave., San Diego, CA 92103
Tele­phone: 6192952808 /​8 am – 6 pm daily. They close ear­lier in Win­ter.
Cards Accepted: Mas­ter­card, Visa, Dis­cover
Spe­cial Orders, Paid Delivery

Oasis Water Effi­cient Plants /​www​.oasis​-plants​.com

This nurs­ery spe­cial­izes in cac­tus, suc­cu­lents and other drought tol­er­ant peren­ni­als for land­scap­ing, flo­ral cre­ations and spe­cial projects. They are in the process of adding demon­stra­tion gardens.

10816 Reidy Canyon Trail, Escondido/​CA/​92026
Tele­phone: 7607448191 Ext 3550 /​Wed-​Sat 8:am — 4:00pm
Cards Accepted: Mas­ter­card, Visa
Spe­cial Orders,free deliv­ery with minimum.

Pearson’s Gar­dens and Herb Farm

Pearson’s Garden’s and Herb Farm grows an amaz­ing vari­ety of herbs and edi­bles, avail­able online or at their farm. Every­thing is organic, pes­ti­cide free and fully accli­mated. They also carry scented gera­nium plants, tomato plants, and heir­loom seeds.

1150 Bev­erly Drive, Vista, CA 92084
Tele­phone: (760) 7260717 /​Monday-​Saturday 9am — 4pm
Cards Accepted: Mas­ter­card, Visa, Dis­cover
Spe­cial Orders, Paid Deliv­ery
San Diego County

Ran­cho Soledad Nurs­ery /​www​.ran​chosoledad​.com

This large and wel­com­ing nurs­ery is tucked away among the ver­dant val­leys of Ran­cho Santa Fe. Just get­ting there is a treat as you drive past the beau­ti­ful prop­er­ties. Open since 1954, they spe­cial­ize in rare and unusual palms, cycads, inte­rior foliage, and xero­phytic plants (suc­cu­lents, cacti and other drought-​tolerant plants.)

18539 Aliso Canyon Rd. (off El Camino de Norte), Ran­cho Santa Fe, CA 92067
Tele­phone: 8587563717 /​Call for hours.
Cards Accepted: Cash or checks only
Paid Delivery

Simpson’s Gar­den Town Nurs­ery /​www​.simp​son​snurs​ery​.com

Wear your roller skates to visit this large, 25 acre prop­erty. Founded in 1928 in Pasadena, they moved to Jamul in 1968. There are many rea­sons to visit here: they sell a large vari­ety of plants, gifts & acces­sories, and they have many clas­sic and vin­tage cars on dis­play. Admis­sion is free.

13925 High­way 94, Jamul, CA 91935
Tele­phone: 6196691977 /​Daily 8:30 am – 4:30. Closed Tue.
Cards Accepted: Mas­ter­card, Visa
No Spe­cial Orders

Solana Suc­cu­lents /​www​.solana​suc​cu​lents​.com

This highly per­son­al­ized nurs­ery car­ries rare, col­lec­table and unusual suc­cu­lents, con­tainer gar­dens, pot­tery and bon­sai suc­cu­lents. The owner is known for cre­at­ing prize win­ning dis­plays (see at San Diego Botan­i­cal Gar­den and the LA Arbore­tum — they are really spe­cial!) of suc­cu­lents that look like they are underwater!

355 N. High­way 101, Solano Beach
Tele­phone: (858) 2594568 /​weds — sat 10am — 5pm (close @ 4 in win­ter) Sun 124pm –call to be safe, esp. if you are dri­ving from a dis­tance
Cards Accepted: Mas­ter­card, Visa
Spe­cial Orders, Paid Delivery

Terra Bella Nurs­ery /​www​.terra​bel​la​nurs​ery​.com

This 1½ acre nurs­ery is stocked by mul­ti­ple grow­ing ground sites. Chances are, if you don’t see it, they can get it for you, and in quan­tity also. They carry a wide vari­ety and the staff are effi­cient and help­ful. Their web­site includes tools for cal­cu­lat­ing plant, soil and sod amounts.

302 Hol­lis­ter St., San Diego, CA 92154
Tele­phone: 6195851118 /​Mon — Sat 7 am – 4:30 pm, Sun 9 am - 3:30 pm
Cards Accepted: Mas­ter­card, Visa, Dis­cover, Amer­i­can Express
Spe­cial Orders, Free Deliv­ery (for order over $1000), Paid Delivery

Vil­lage Nurs­eries — Del Mar /​www​.vil​la​genurs​eries​.com

This is a large and extremely well stocked nurs­ery. They carry a lot of every­thing includ­ing a full line of palms, flats of color and a huge selec­tion of cit­rus. They have a large prop­erty and allow you to drive your car around and load your plants before check­ing out.

4343 Carmel Val­ley Rd. (get direc­tions – tricky to find), San Diego, CA 93130
Tele­phone: 8585811140 /​Mon– Sat 7 am – 4:30, Sun 7 am — 4 pm
Cards Accepted: Mas­ter­card, Visa, Dis­cover, Amer­i­can Express
Spe­cial Orders, Paid Deliv­ery

Wal­ter Ander­sen Nurs­ery /​http://​www​.wal​teran​der​sen​.com

Wal­ter Ander­sen Sr., started his nurs­ery busi­ness in 1928 and it is still owned by the Ander­sen fam­ily. In addi­tion to the beau­ti­fully dis­played bed­ding plants, a large herb and veg­etable sec­tion, annu­als and peren­ni­als, they are famous for collector’s plants. There is a list of these plants on the web­site along with a plant list includ­ing roses and fruit trees. The Poway store has a “gar­den rail­road.” Both stores have gar­den­ing classes.

3642 Enter­prise St., San Diego, CA 92110
Tele­phone: 6192248271

12755 Daniel­son Ct., Poway, CA 92064
Tele­phone: 8535134900

Hours: 9 am – 5 pm 7 days a week
Cards Accepted: Mas­ter­card, Visa, Dis­cover, Amer­i­can Express
Spe­cial Orders, Free Deliv­ery (with min­i­mum pur­chase), Paid Delivery

Water­wise Botan­i­cals /​www​.water​wise​b​otan​i​cals​.com

Located on top of a hill in North­ern San Diego County, this 21 acre nurs­ery invites you to pack a lunch and bring your fam­ily when you come to visit! Their large plant palette includes roses year round, a wide vari­ety of cacti and suc­cu­lents, and a hand picked selec­tion of orna­men­tal grasses. The online mag­a­zine on their web­site is very well done.

37151 Old High­way 395, Bon­sall, CA 92003
Tele­phone: (760) 7282641 /​85/​Mon — Sat
Cards Accepted: Mas­ter­card, Visa
Spe­cial Orders, Paid Delivery

Wei­d­ners Gar­dens /​www​.wei​d​ners​.com

Eve­lyn Wei­d­ner opened her nurs­ery 40 years ago in this con­ve­nient loca­tion just off the 405 free­way. Spe­cial­iz­ing in hang­ing bas­kets, bego­nias and fuch­sias, they also carry lots of flow­ers and bed­ding plants. They have a large inven­tory of bare­root fruit trees includ­ing blue­berry bushes, start­ing in Feb­ru­ary. They have a lovely meet­ing room for gar­den clubs, photo groups and art classes. Web­site includes lot of grow­ing infor­ma­tion on spe­cific plants.

695 Nor­mandy, Encini­tas, CA 92024
Tele­phone: 7604362194 /​Jan-​Feb Fri Sat Sun 9 am – 4:30 pm, Mar-​Dec Daily 9 am — 4:30 pm, closed Tues
Cards Accepted: Mas­ter­card, Visa
Spe­cial Orders, Paid Delivery

Yasuda Land­scape

This tree nurs­ery, tucked away in a res­i­den­tial neigh­bor­hood, is the place to go for spec­i­men trees. They start at 5 gal and go up to 90 inch boxes.

2419 Erie St., San Diego, CA 92110
Tele­phone: 6192765280 /​Mon — Fri 7 am – 5
Cards Accepted: No CC, casdh or check only
Paid Deliv­ery