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Papaya Tree Nursery reveals its secrets

Alex and his caper berry tree

If you go visit Alex, owner of Papaya Tree Nurs­ery in Granada Hills, plan to be trans­ported into his mag­i­cal king­dom, aka his back yard! Noth­ing is as it seems in his realm; there is the mango tree with 7 dif­fer­ent vari­eties grafted onto it, the banana clus­ter with the dove nest on top…not to be picked until the babies were gone…best bananas I ever had! He has spe­cial cherry trees that bear fruit in warm cli­mates (very rare) and and caper berry trees for the purist who must pickle their own! Alex actu­ally does a lot of busi­ness with chefs and cooks. He is an expert on graft­ing and prun­ing. He can also design a scented gar­den. All this knowl­edge and the nurs­ery comes from his father, an engi­neer who started the enter­prise 26 years ago. He is obvi­ously a favorite with the Cal­i­for­nia Rare Fruit Grow­ers — LA chap­ter. And the SoCal Che­r­i­moya Soci­ety. Oh, you never heard of them? What about the East Indian curry leaf tree.….….Oh, and you could have a nice lit­tle meal at his nurs­ery, just sam­pling the fruit.

Best bananas ever — can you see the dove nest on top?

Papaya Tree Nurs­ery (www​.papay​a​treenurs​ery​.com) 12422 El Oro Way, Granada Hills, CA 91344 (818) 3633680 (always call first), 7 days a week, 8am to 6pm, accepts Visa and Mastercard.

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