Kangaroo Paw flower

Kan­ga­roo Paw flower

Aus­tralian Native Plants Nurs­ery /​www​.aus​tralian​plants​.com

This nurs­ery is the pre­mier Aus­tralian plant nurs­ery in the United States and one of the best in the world! Founded by Aus­tralian hor­ti­cul­tur­ist Jo O’Connell, it sup­plies col­lec­tors, arbore­tums and just plain gar­den­ers with incred­i­ble plants.It’s best to call ahead to check hours and get direc­tions. Desert Images nurs­ery is also nearby in Casitas Springs.

On Nye Road oppo­site the Bap­tist Church at 9000 Nye Road, Casitas Springs, CA 93001
Tele­phone: 8007016517 /​Call for appoint­ment — if you are in the neigh­bor­hood you could try stop­ping by.
Cards Accepted: Mas­ter­card, Visa
Spe­cial Orders, Paid Delivery

Baron Broth­ers /​www​.baron​broth​ers​.com

This 30-​year-​old nurs­ery has some fun top­i­aries, (Think 747!) quirky stat­ues and foun­tains. They carry a full selec­tion of plants and pots as well. Their newslet­ter has help­ful infor­ma­tion and money sav­ing coupons.

7568 Santa Rosa Rd, Camar­illo, CA 93012
Tele­phone: 8054840085 /​Hours: (Mon. — Sat.) 7:00 am — 5:00 pm; (Sun.) 9:00 am — 4:00 pm
Credit Cards: Visa/​Master Card/​Discover
Spe­cial Orders, Paid Delivery

Ele­gant Gar­dens /​www​.ele​gant​gar​dens​.com

This enor­mous nurs­ery (20 acres) is just off the 23 Free­way in Moor­park. You will def­i­nitely want to wear walk­ing shoes to see every­thing. Lots of bed­ding plants, 1 & 5 gal­lon peren­ni­als, foun­tains, stat­ues and mis­cel­la­neous good­ies. Very help­ful, friendly staff. Nearby: Ronald Rea­gan Pres­i­den­tial library.

2046 Tierra Rejada Rd., Moor­park, 93021
Tele­phone: 8055530565 /​m-​st 9 am –5 pm
Cards Accepted: Mas­ter­card, Visa, Dis­cover, Amer­i­can Express
Spe­cial Orders, Paid Delivery

Desert Images Cacti and Succulents

This charm­ing nurs­ery is housed in a ram­bling col­lec­tion of wooden build­ings. They carry suc­cu­lents and cacti rang­ing from tiny to large and mature. Prices are rea­son­able. Nearby: Aus­tralian Native Plant Nursery.

505 Prospect Street, Oak View, CA 93022
Tele­phone: 805649 4479 /​Mon — Fri 10 am — 4 pm, Sat — Sun 9 am — 5 pm
Cash or check only

Spe­cial Orders, Paid Delivery

Green Meadow Nurs­ery /​www​.green​mead​ownurs​ery​.com

This 15-​plus acre nurs­ery has been in busi­ness for 57 years. Every square foot is cov­ered with plants, shrubs, trees and pots. The ser­vice is extremely friendly and professional.

10825 Santa Rosa Rd., Camar­illo, CA 91320
Tele­phone: 8054986779 8054822822 /​Mon — Sat 8 am — 4:30 pm, Sun 7 am — 4:30 pm
Cards Accepted: Mas­ter­card, Visa, Dis­cover, Amer­i­can Express
Spe­cial Orders, Paid Deliv­ery with min­i­mum order

Hart­ley Botan­ica /​www​.hart​ley​b​otan​ica​.com

This 3 acre nurs­ery includes demon­stra­tion gar­dens and set­tings for wed­dings if you are in the mar­ket. Plant offer­ings include but are not lim­ited to fruit trees, veg­eta­bles, herbs, shrubs, vines, japan­ese maples, peren­nial flow­ers and gar­den ornaments.

4465 Bal­com Canyon Road, Somis, CA 93066
Tele­phone: (805) 5239846 /​Spring-​summer Mon — Sat 9am — 6pm/​Sun­day 10am — 4pm
Cards Accepted: Mas­ter­card, Visa
Spe­cial Orders, Paid Delivery

Island View Nurs­ery /​www​.island​viewnurs​ery​.com

Island View is so large that they invite you to bring lunch! At 10 acres, it is one of the largest nurs­eries in Los Ange­les County. They have a large ware­house where they sell an entic­ing cross sec­tion of acces­sories, foun­tains, fur­ni­ture and gift items. They have a very large an unusual selec­tion of orchids, some of which I’ve never seen before, not even in spe­cialty orchid stores. Plenty of parking.

3376 Foothill Rd., Carpin­te­ria, CA 93013
(805) 6840324 /​Hours: (Mon. — Sat.) 9:00 am — 5:30 pm; (Sun.) 10:00 am — 4: 00 pm
Credit Cards: Visa/​Master Card
Spe­cial orders & Deliv­ery (LA & Ven­tura counties)

Nearby: Sum­mer­land antique shops; Santa Clause Lane; Polo fields
Cash or check only.

Matil­ija Nurs­ery /​www​.Matil​i​ja​nurs​ery​.com

This well estab­lished 16 year old grower spe­cial­izes in native plants and irises, includ­ing rare native species. Owner Bob Suss­man is very friendly and help­ful; he offers design con­sul­ta­tion. Call for directions.

8225 Waters Road, Moor­park, CA 93021
Tele­phone: 8055238604 /​Mon — Thurs 8am — 12pm/​Fri — Sat 8:302pm
Cards Accepted: Mas­ter­card, Visa
Free Deliv­ery, Paid Delivery

Nordic Nurs­ery /​www​.nordic​nurs​ery​.com

This is a 30-​year-​old neigh­bor­hood nurs­ery, car­ry­ing a broad range of plants and pots. They spe­cial­ize in 1 gal­lon, drought tol­er­ant plants. Friendly ser­vice. Nearby: Stage Coach Inn Museum.

1312 New­bury Rd, New­bury Park, CA 91320
Tele­phone: 8054992613 /​7 days a week 8 am — 5 pm
Cards Accepted: Mas­ter­card, Visa, Dis­cover, Amer­i­can Express
Spe­cial Orders, Paid Delivery

Ortiz Nurs­ery

New neigh­bor­hood nurs­ery in Ojai. Man­aged by the very knowl­edge­able Jodie Irvine (who worked at the larger Ojai Val­ley Nurs­ery, before it lost its lease). Jodie knows the specifics of Ojai weather (super hot in Sum­mer, freezes in Win­ter) and coun­sels home­own­ers on just what plants will work, where and why. Adorable site: cot­tage is the office/​retail store; every size and type of plant you could use; super nice staff. You’ve got to see it to appre­ci­ate it’s charm; it’s small but mighty! In Meiner’s Oaks sec­tion of Ojai.

312 W. El Rob­lar Drive, Ojai, CA 93023
Tele­phone: 805.646.2546 /​Daily, 95
Cards Accepted: Mas­ter­card, Visa, Dis­cover
Spe­cial Orders, Free Delivery

Otto and Sons /​www​.ottoand​sons​-nurs​ery​.com

Otto and Sons is a spiffy 35 year old nurs­ery owned by the Klit­tich fam­ily and spe­cial­iz­ing in roses. They carry over 800 vari­eties of roses, ordered bare root from the best sup­pli­ers in the US, includ­ing Weeks, Jack­son and Perkins and David Austin. They are then lov­ingly trans­planted into 5 or 15 gal­lon using a spe­cial soil and fer­til­izer recipe. You will not find finer plants any­where. They also carry other land­scape plants. The big sale is called “Rose Days” and will be held on April 2425 in 2010. Nearby: Ran­cho Camu­los National His­toric Landmark.

1835 Guiber­son Road, Fill­more, CA 93015
Tele­phone: 8055242123 /​days open varies — call for hours
Cards Accepted: Mas­ter­card, Visa
Paid Delivery

Sea­side Gar­dens /​www​.sea​side​-gar​dens​.com

Sea­side Gar­dens is a des­ti­na­tion nurs­ery with a unique advan­tage. They have an enor­mous amount of space (4 acres) and have planted 10 dif­fer­ent demon­stra­tion gar­dens, all quite large. The gar­dens con­sist of: Asian, cot­tage, South African, Cal­i­for­nia natives, suc­cu­lents, central/​south Amer­i­can, Aus­tralian, Mediter­ranean and wetlands.

3700 Via Real, Carpin­te­ria, CA 93013
(805) 6846001 /​Hours: (Mon. — Sat.) 9:00 am — 6:00 pm; (Sun.) 10:00 am — 5:00 pm
Credit Cards: Visa/​Master Card
Spe­cial orders & Delivery

Nearby: Sum­mer­land antique shops; Santa Clause Lane; Polo fields

West­er­lay Orchids /​www​.west​er​lay​orchids​.com

West­er­lay Orchids is one of the those indus­trial build­ing with the high ceil­ings, right off the 101 high­way. They carry every vari­ety of orchid, indoor and out. The prices are a lit­tle over whole­sale or 12 off what you would pay at a florist’s. The staff is very courteous.

P.O. Box 1249, 3504 Via Real, Carpin­te­ria, CA 93013
6845411 /​Hours: (Mon. — Fri.) 8:00 am — 5:00 pm; (Sat.) 10:00 am — 3:00 pm
Credit Cards: Visa/​Master Card
No Orders or Delivery

Nearby: Sum­mer­land antique shops; Santa Clause Lane; Polo fields